We are a not-for-profit organization, serves as a unifying force, bringing migrants together and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures they represent. Through a variety of events, the association fosters connections, promotes understanding, and nurtures a sense of belonging among migrants. Moreover, the association actively advocates against racism, firmly standing against discriminatory attitudes and actions. Serving as a representative voice, it addresses the unique challenges faced by the migrant community, ensuring their concerns are heard and needs are met. With a dedication to fostering inclusivity, promoting cultural diversity, and empowering migrants, the Benalla Migrants Association is an invaluable asset to both the migrant community and the broader society.

Committee Members

Committe Members

This is our new management committee from left to right sitting Alice Crichton (Committee Member), Santosh Gairhe (Secretary) Aparajita Talapatra (Committee Member). Left to right standing Sam Epage (Vice President), Mayank Gupta (Committee Member) Manash Das (Committee Member) Punarji Gunaratne (President), Subhajit Saha (Committee Member), Shimla Nandy (Committee Member), Surakshya Regmi (Treasurer) and Reeta Karki (Committee Member). Committee Members not on the photo are Parminder Singh and Rumeshkumar Navaratnam.