Becoming a member of the Benalla Migrants Association opens the door to a vibrant community united by diversity. As a member, you'll join a supportive network that celebrates cultures, fosters understanding, and promotes meaningful connections. Engage in enriching events, workshops, and gatherings designed to share experiences and traditions. Join us in building bridges, embracing differences, and creating lasting friendships. Together, we embark on a journey of unity, growth, and shared aspirations.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Benalla Migrants’ Association is to support migrants to Australia to settle comfortably within the Benalla Rural City Council local government area. Benalla Migrants’ Association aims to provide a welcoming point for fellow migrants to who are new to Benalla. The Benalla Migrants’ Association will organise cultural celebrations for members to meet and form friendships. The Association will also collect and contribute to the migration story behind Benalla’s historical and current development, and work to access funding to support projects that reflect the experience of Benalla migrants over the course of the region’s development. The Association will also work towards establishing a safer environment for migrants by collaborating on anti-racism activities and campaigns within the Benalla Rural City Council local government area.

Our Rules

We have adopted model rules of Consumer Affairs Victoria. Please refer to the attached rules.

Annual Membership Fee

The annual fee is valid for a year from the date of payment. Membership fee is $5 and is payable by cash or to the bank account directly. Once you submit the membership form, we will promptly email you the Association's bank account details.